Monday, September 16, 2013

things college has taught me

this photo actually has nothing to do with what college has taught me.

One month into being a college student and I already feel like I have gained a wealth of knowledge. I'm telling you people, higher education is worth it!
  • Make sure your kidneys are in good health; you’ll need to sell one to buy your textbooks.
  • Trail Mix is highly addicting, especially after one-too-many bad pasta dishes. I love you, Trail Mix!
  • If a restaurant has a dinner special like four dollar burger night or half-off sushi from 3-6, you go. Even if you don’t like sushi you go because that’s cheap and it’s not cafeteria food.
  • And while we're on the subject: cafeteria food is not that great. Especially when your mother is Martha Freaking Stewart*. I don't want to bash it too much because said food has been providing me with strength and essential nutrients, but sometimes I just want a home-cooked meal, you know? 
  • People are so, so kind. I landed myself on crutches recently and navigating the campus was exhausting in the beginning. I ran out of fingers and toes counting how many random strangers offered me piggy-back rides. And my heart swoons at the couple times I was princess-carried down flights of stairs.
  • You will question everything you have ever known. I cannot tell you how many times I have asked God “why?” in the last couple weeks. I feel like an infant in Christ. My mind is being expanded in ways I never knew were possible! It’s amazing and painful at the same time.

*My mother is not actually Martha Freaking Stewart