Tuesday, December 2, 2014

remember me

The above photo was taken at a Broncos v. Chiefs game which we (the Broncos) won, by the way.
It's also worth nothing that I found myself at this game on a whim. A phone call and a three hour drive later, there I was. Rooting for my team in the opposing team's clothing in 17 degree weather.
I got sooo many weird looks.

For example:
*Broncos score a touchdown* I scream.
*Broncos sack the quarterback* I scream.
*Broncos push a player out of bounds* I scream.
*Player makes a super great catch* I whisper, "niiiice".

I'll be honest, I'm not super big into sports. Truthfully, I enjoy watching the ability of all athletes. But I did enjoy ending up in really good seats with people I love watching a pro football game! (which, I just realized, is probably making non-americans everywhere shed many tears. American football. aherm.)

This past thanksgiving was a good 'un.
Which, I was kind of surprised by. I'm just going to be honest.
Going home, I knew a lot of remodeling projects were being completed at our house. The structured elf within me would normally melt into a sad little puddle on the floor.
This time it did not.
I had the most fun I have had on a holiday break yet!

If anything, the spontaneity and craziness in life really makes it worth it, you know what I mean?
Like I said, I have no idea how I ended up in a stadium watching american football on a Sunday night. But there I was. I wasn't freaking out, and I wasn't off schedule. I was right where I needed to be. What a grand feeling!

Now for a few photos from my break (which were taken on my phone. I am sorry. Please don't cry.)
And they're all unedited. (I know, "dishonor on you, dishonor on your cow..." I deserve all of it.)

 ^ I gave some friends a tour of downtown Denver while they were visiting (aka I am a nerd about this city and I am okay with that) AND THESE CLOUDS SHOWED UP. Well played, Denver. Well played. My mom thought it was cool how they reflected off the buildings too.

^On a whim, we decided to stop by the capitol because it's free and my pals had never been. Somehow, we found ourselves in a tour group that went to the dome and that was an experience I will never forget! Also, our capitol is BEAUTIFUL. I had spent a week in the Oklahoma City capitol a week earlier which is just as beautiful in its own way but much more simple. But Colorado spared no expense! The details! This place was fit for a king!
 ^gah! So beautiful! Also, nerdy fact: the capitol contains the only rose marble in known existence. (you can see it makes up the wainscoting). It gets darker each floor.
 ^from the dome. We really wanted to see the Senate and House chambers, but they were closed due to updates. We did peek in though! Beautiful!

^ the view from the dome of the capitol. Oh my word. Stunning, isn't it?

Have a great week! Hopefully yours doesn't include studying for finals!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

my mop

Soon after I graduated highschool I made the decision to cut and donate my hair. All two feet of it.
(Can you believe that? Two stinkin' feet. The fact I was walking around with that many dead cells strapped to my head is beyond me).
It turned out as a cute little pixie cut reminiscent of Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Goodwin.
But gosh darnit, if I didn't look like a boy sometimes. Especially after or a shower our in the wee hours of the morning. Total man status.
And now, finally (!) that little mop on my head has turned into something lovely: A BUN.
I know I may be the only one who is excited about this, but the fact that I can put my hair up away from my face is GLORIOUS, I tell you.
If it ever happens that I desire to, say, donate my hair to a charitable organization, remind me to give the shears boundaries, because we do not want to repeat that experience. Ever.

And yes, there is a Pride and Prejudice poster on my wall right next to a Finding Nemo poster... I believe you should give credit to whom credit is due. In this case: these are two of the greatest movies of all time (and Saving Private Ryan, who is not featured).

And photo booth... such a fun invention for us non-photographer types. It really reminds me why selfies should have never, EVER come into existence.

P.S. if you are in the business of donating hair, Locks of Love is a great organization. They even send you a card when your hair is on it's newest wearer. It's a beautiful thing!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

slightly out of focus

I took these photos because my hair is finally (finally!!) getting to where it touches my shoulders and I can shamelessly put it in a ponytail sans bobby pins. I also wanted to show off that I am wearing lip gloss (what?) and this sweet Harvard sweatshirt which is a) not mine, b) super comfy, and c) the perfect shade of red. Harvard, please donate your patented school colors to ours (they're blue and gold. You see my dilema).
I also took these photos in conglomeration with my last post on doing things that scare me (OH MY GOSH CAMERAS SCARE ME).
But what I didn't intend with these pictures was to see my mom.
My mom passed away when i was eight years old. It's not a sob story, and I don't intend to tell it. What's interesting, is that ever since I was little I was considered the "orphan child" of our clan (there are six of us. the sperm and egg can't always bat a hundred). I had my dad's fair dark hair, my grandmother's Italian eyes, my other grandmother's feet, goodness knows whose legs, and hands donated from a tiny porcelain doll. I have always felt like a little package of uniqueness next to my super stick-thin, tall, siblings with lighter hair and blue or green eyes.
But looking at these pictures (which yes, are slightly blurry and entirely out of focus. It's "artistic" lol) I thought "hey mom, I see you there." Which, for whatever reason, I have never seen before and it gives me the most profound sense of pride anyone could have.
Furthermore, the fact that people don't even think twice about me being my new mama's daughter (she is Korean and ENTIRELY gorgeous. all the babe genes in the world went to her, I tell ya what), means that I emulate two mamas. I couldn't be more proud.

Oh, and I decided to abandon that whole "not properly capitalizing" thing I was doing in my blog posts. It was super cute, but for an English nazi like myself (courtesy of all my relentless high school teachers. I actually cannot thank them enough, because while I cry editing my peers essays, I can actually spell. I THOUGHT THIS WAS COLLEGE.) it doesn't fly. 
I also am realizing that writing with parenthetical sentences frequently can really throw of a sentences groove... I need to work on that. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

just do it

there's this thing that's been around for a looong while called "style blogging".
basically super cute people pose in front of a camera and blog about it.
over the years i've been following various blogs that i find inspiring (such as the daybook, hey natalie jean, and love taza). and every time i would finish reading their posts and close my laptop i would feel fresh and think "someday i want to do this". the thing is, i've always enjoyed writing (and reading!). as school took off it seemed i had less and less time for it. consequently, i started getting more and more interested in expressing myself through clothing and stepping more into my womanhood (<--- which sounds super existential and mature...)
and i finally decided to stop dreaming and just do it.

that doing it involves me and my self-timer in a stairwell. i know, i know. i'm still learning. having a photographer sister also makes this task seem rather intimidating because um, i don't know what the crap i'm doing.
i'm one of those snobs that visits a museum and can identify and marvel at every little detail and paint stroke in a painting of photograph, but when it comes to actually taking the photos?
forget it. i'm done. pack up my belongings, i'm becoming a gypsy.
but for now, it's a start. and i figure i'd rather do something instead of nothing at all.
it's like in star trek when captain kirk is talking to spock as the enterprise is going down and kahn is causing all sorts of problems and he says: "i have no idea what i'm supposed to do. i only know what i can do." that's how i feel behind a camera lens.
okay, here's the focus. that's zoom. cool. done.
start adding f-stop and shutter speed all that jazz and you might as well be speaking portuguese.
so for now, this is good.

shoes: converse, jeans: levi, shirt: tennessee chic

Saturday, September 27, 2014

the thing about chicken and waffles

the title of this blog post was inspired whilst reading another blog. (yay for people inspiring people, right?)
i actually wasn't going to do anything productive with my time this evening.
i was supposed to be reading a book for a scholarship, but nay, i forgot the book. then i was supposed to be vacation planning, but that got overwhelming very quickly.
luckily, i got work done in regards to budgeting.
you win some you lose some.
and then i started thinking about chicken and waffles and how, before i came to the south, i had never even heard of the concept. chicken and... waffles? the audactiy! the absurdity! why would combine chicken with a delightful waffle??!
i'm sure somewhere there's a belgian crying over this.
i still haven't tried chicken and waffles.

life is random sometimes. i haven't quite figured it out yet, but life is random. it changes so quickly. one second your roots are getting planted, and the next they're being lifted, transplanted to a different pot. yes, your little plant self screams "put me down! i liked that pot! i liked the view! where are you taking me!?" but to no avail, because where your little plant self is going is neither here nor there, simply greater and better. even though, gosh darn it, it definitely doesn't look like it.

p.s. i have such difficulty taking pictures like this of myself. how do you selfie? please, someone tell me.
p.p.s. but, in trying to stay true to blogger form, i am taking my own photos. (albeit somewhat not-so-great) progress, people. progress.
p.p.p.s. i think my left eye is smaller than my right. so there's something.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

let's talk about scholarships, shall we?

this outfit solidifies that i am the queen of monochromatic. (aka missy here is morally opposed to too much color in her wardrobe).

so, i've been working on this scholarship for a while that involves reading a reeeally long book (we're talking 1000+ pages. oh me, oh my). but quite honestly, it's the most entertaining scholarship i've ever undertaken. it's actually challenging my brain. who knew?
here's the beef i have with scholarships: they're incredibly unimaginative. i can't tell you how many essay's i have submitted attempting to answer the probing question: why do YOU deserve this scholarship? 
and to top that, these websites have examples of past years winners(examples, i tell you!), that when you read them they make you kind of want to bang your head against a wall, throw yourself on the floor, or curl up in a ball and cry because they have brown-nose written all-over them. 

OR you have websites with examples that rip your heart out and make you use about half a box of tissues and feel truly grateful for your life because your cat fluffy didn't just die, and you still have both eyes and limbs, and didn't have to donate your left kidney to your grandmother. (i in no way mean to make fun of people like this, because those stories are incredible).  
but i sometimes wish that i could be cut a break, ya know? i'm intelligent, i have things to offer, and i just want this scholarship. 
no, i haven't saved any kittens from trees recently, or climbed a very tall mountain with a llama on my back, or spent the last few years in a chemistry lab studying cancer cells. 

i'm just in love with life and words and i've invested in people. can there be a scholarship for that??

Thursday, September 11, 2014

a tiny tour

i am in love with our gallery wall. it has everything and everyone i love right up on it!
these desks make us look so studious, but really most of our homework is completed in bed. 
i actually make my bed every day, this was not just a 'look good for the picture' moment. thanks, mom.

something posessed me the other night (it was probably my HUGE lack of homework motivation) to deep clean Eug and my room and share it with you guys.
it wasn't a difficult task, because we keep things pretty tidy around here (thanks to ms. clean room nazi (a.k.a me)). and yes, i did just use parenthesis within parenthesis. which you can actually do, you just shouldn't if you want to be taken seriously in your writing.
i remember the first time i saw parenthesis used in a great author's work. i was reading c.s. lewis and i was blown. away.
i digress.
i am so thankful for this space we have to ourselves on campus. i know for some people, a room this size would be a dream, so i can hardly express how nice it is to have enough room to sprawl out on the floor (because that's just what you do after an especially long day).
it took a week or two to put the wall entirely together, and get our furniture placed just-so, but i am quite pleased with the product and feel at home. there's nothing quite like snuggling up in bed under the christmas lights and reading a book (which sadly happens to be a textbook because we don't like to have too much fun around these parts). and that 70's-esque paneled wall you see there? i am in love with it. it's also the only wall we're able to hang stuff on because cinder block hates all things hangie. go figure.
also, i've been feeling extra rosy lately. i don't know if it's fall right around the corner or what, but i am so content with life and so, so thankful. it's a beautiful world we live in, isn't it?

p.s. like those dream catchers? the inspiration for them came from here

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

notes from a hipster

my best friend jes, who is the ultimate decision in all things sydney-related (such as: does this haircut look good? how is my speech? should i eat all twelve of these reese's? no? just six? gotcha.), stated a while ago that i was a "hipster".
"not a real hipster though, like a sydney hipster. you're own type of hipster. you know?"
actually no, i don't know. but i find it quite laughable that anyone would pin me as said hipster. i asked my mom about it and she said i look like a prep (which i found even more laughable).
it's interesting to me how different people can have such drastically different opinions of us.

but moving on.

lately i've been in a state of transcendentalism, if you could call it that... and if transcendentalism is a real world... (i just looked it up: it is). it usually entails me wandering around campus late at night talking to God and asking random questions.
has anyone else experienced this, or am i the only one?
do you ever just wonder about life? do you wonder if something is wrong with you because you think differently than everyone else? do you ever feel like the stick in the mud because you just can't get behind what people do?
i've really been asking myself these things lately.
oh, and here's a big one: did i make a mistake by coming to college?? anyone have thoughts on that one?

my roommate vows i say this at least twice a month but: maybe i'll just become a hermit and live in a cave. (jk, that could never happen. i love people too much. still.)

so i leave you with a few of the questions that have been swirling around my brain lately. and as i strap on my white converse and head out the door to ponder some more on my evening walk, hopefully i'll find some answers to my questions. have a happy week.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 2014 Letter

Dear Family,

            I’ve decided I’m now going to skip the formalities of properly addressing people as “friends and family” or “ladies and gentlemen” or blah blah blah. Titles are seriously overrated, don’t you agree? And if you’re receiving these letters, you are family in some way to me.
            Wow, here we are! Sophomore year of college! It’s pretty crazy to think that I’m already here, even more grown up than I was a year before (and hey, a whole year older to boot!) and I still feel just like the baby I was when I first came. That baby has learned to walk on her own and eat solid food, but still has so. far. to. go. The first two weeks of school were a whirlwind. I got moved in early, and from then it feels like I’ve hardly had a moment to catch my breath. Since I’m a rather structured person, that took quite a toll on me, so much so that I found myself laying on my bed pleading God for peace.
            “I don’t know how you’re going to do it God, but I know I need You. That’s pretty much all I’m certain of right now.”
            My roommate and I are all moved into our dorm now, and I was able to take a moment last week at put together our gallery wall, hang lights, and make our room feel more like home. Home. What a bittersweet word. I wonder if you’re original home ever stops being home? They say home is where the heart is, but there are days when I miss those lemon yellow walls, the comfy couches you sink right into, the counter I always bang my hip on, the view of the mountains from my bedroom window in the waning sunlight, and my mom’s voice from the kitchen reminding me to pick up my shoes because I left them by the back door again (sorry mom!). Home. I miss you, and at the same time I’m so happy to be back.
            Can you believe it?! I’m actually excited to be in Tulsa! Who is this person and what has she done with Sydney??
            But in all seriousness, it’s very interesting to have your heart devoted to two places.
            I attended the Hillsong concert last night with my best friend Jes, and it was incredible. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Hillsong? If you have not, I recommend you check out some songs by them on YouTube. A couple favorites are… This I Believe, Love Goes On, Tear Down the Walls… basically anything by them will bless you, or at least encourage you. (Seriously, if you need recommendations, I could talk about them for days, I’d be happy to chat!)
            That’s all I have time for today, but I’ll be back soon! Be sure to keep up with the blog (findingsydneyblog.blogspot.com) where you can get more updates and hey, pictures!
            Have a great week!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

sleepovers, cookies, and kinda sorta scary things

the other night my roommate decided to go camping and i didn't want to be home alone (sad face emoji) so i spent the night at a friend's apartment. it was gloriously wonderful. we decided to watch supernatural, which is apparently a super popular show with this generation and like, the coolest thing every and if you haven't watched it you're not-so-cool.
whatever. i digress.
anyway, it's about these two brothers that hunt restless spirits or something. and i know it's tv drama and totally fake, but in between covering my eyes for 50% of the show and squeezing sarah's hand/ squealing like a little girl, i was pretty freaked out.
note to self: stick with disney.
now i'm off to make some cookies because i haven't in a while and there's something about a cookie that screams "hey, welcome home."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

just me and my city

lately i've been having rather mixed feelings about living in the city (largely in part due to the conversation my brothers and i had about a zombie apocalypse and if we're in the city, face it, we're toast)
there are days when it feels a wee bit too crowded, when people are incredibly rude, and it's exceptionally noisy. it's in those moments when i long to be away from the city, away from people, and away from my busy life.
but yesterday, as i strolled through the streets after work on my way to the train station, i fell asleep with my city all over again. the streets weren't terribly busy because it was dinner time. no horns were blairing, no construction workers beeping. it was so, incredibly calm.
and when i hopped on the train these (what i presumed) punk, wannabe kids hopped on. i rolled my eyes, just wanting to linger in the silence, but they started talking to this girl sitting in the corner with her arms crossed. their pick-up lines were cheesy, but their spirits were light. their laughs were contagious (their pants a little to saggy) but they brought life to that train.
and in that moment i feel in love with my city all over again. the people, the buildings, the sounds. all of it.
the hustle and bustle may get annoying, but it's my hustle and bustle. the heartbeat of this city i so gladly call home.

(i apologize for my not-so-blogger-quality phone photos here... but it's what i had and it's enough)

Monday, July 7, 2014

general thoughts on summer

summer is for the hot sun on your back, and deeply tanned (or burned) skin
summer is for swimming pools, and splash pads, and getting wet. 
it's for the "wait, what time is it?" and the response of "agh, who cares!" 
summer is for the hot street below your feet, bike rides in the waning sunlight, and ice cream by the bucket. 
it's for movie nights on the lawn, sunglasses that make you feel like a star, and catching little frogs. 
summer is for porch swings and umbrellas and blurry photos and memories that don't need to be shared, but kept all on your own. 
i love you, summer.

Friday, July 4, 2014

shameless diary entry 3

i tried to keep a diary once. when i was in third grade. it had a giraffe on the front cover and lasted about four days. i can clearly remember writing in one of my entries: "i don't like any boys and the grinch is mean." i know, it's embarrassing.

a while ago we ventured up pike's peak. (we didn't hike it, but it was still a blast!)
i'm always amazed at the view from up there. especially since as you climb a mountain the view is incredible and i think to myself, 'there's no way this can get any better'. but it does! it's absolutely breathtaking.
as i was scrolling through my camera photos i found these gems my brothers snapped... it's a lovely series that captures zach well... perfectly. i love them.

^^i mean, just look at that face! pure joy. love it.

Monday, June 2, 2014

people and something philosophical (?)

as i've grown up (though i am still quite young) i've realized that i'm generally skill-less. as one of my friends put it: "i'm a jack of all trades, master of none". in general, that's an okay place to be. i can do a lot of things, and be fairly decent at them. but i'm not amazing at or passionate about one thing, it seems. 

that's where people come in. if there's one thing i love, it's people. and i know how to manage them, work with them, and love them. i have always loved people, and tend to see the good in them. lucky for me, i have been incredibly blessed to meet some incredible friends in my life-time. an i love, love, love it!! 

at the beginning of this summer i spent some time in kansas city, kansas with friends, and was adopted into an entirely new group of friends. and you know what? i loved it! they were so excepting of me and kind. my heart explodes every day with the love i have experienced through the people i have met. 

i had to write a paper (that was 20 pages long... i never want to repeat that process!) this past semester about my worldview and leadership and blah blah blah... my point in this was to say that i had to defend said paper to my professor. my stance was that mankind is good because we were created in the image of God, we fell from that original purpose, but our goodness was restored when we were redeemed in Jesus. my professor didn't quite agree, but that doesn't matter much to me. i still believe people are good. simply because i have met too many wonderful people to know any different. 

i say this to remind myself how truly blessed i am directly because of the people who have come in and out of my life. and i am so, so thankful for that.  

p.s. these photos were taken in kc by my new friend (yay!) sam. you can see more of his photography here: sam olson photography. it's stunning!

Monday, May 5, 2014

a semester in review

it's weird how much time i spend commemorating the past and making sure i document it all.
i keep a daily log where i write things that happened during the day. it's not quite a diary, but more of a captain's log, so i can keep track of significant (or insignificant) events in my day-to-day life. but, let's be honest, isn't everything somewhat significant because it's all a part of this one wonderful life we live?
food for thought.
this semester was so full of ups and downs, it really was quite the adventure! my life looks so drastically different than it did a year ago. without a doubt, i am thankful for the life I live. it's a beautiful one!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a letter from april

Hello there!

I can tell I’ve been writing a lot of essays lately because as soon as I opened this document I started typing my name, the date, and my class section in the header! Ha, sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. 

Anyhow. It’s April everyone! My baby sister turned 15 this month (seriously, where did the time go? Last I checked, she’s not allowed to grow up!), and spring is right around the corner. Already the trees are budding on campus! I can’t wait until all of them are in bloom, because the campus is going to look beautiful! Have you ever heard of that phrase “April showers bring May flowers”? I’ve never really understood that, because in Colorado, one day it’s winter and the next there are flowers blooming and birds chirping. But here, this is a law. It’s been raining, thundering and lightening (is that a word?). It’s nice, because the weather is warming up, but I’m pretty sure I have an irrational fear of lightning that’s bubbling up inside of me. 

I’m writing this in the midst of finals week. It’s so surreal that my first year here at ORU is almost over. My roommate and I have already packed up half of our room and it makes me weepy sitting in here completing my last assignments with all these naked walls surrounding me. I also completed my last day of work at American Eagle. I enjoyed working there very much (and the discount wasn’t too shabby, haha) and I’m going to miss it a little, but I think overall, I am tired of working retail. It’s not something I enjoy anymore, which is completely okay! God has been looking out for me too because I was kind of freaking out about a job and I got two weekly babysitting jobs for the next school year! It’s in moments like these when I know God has our best interests in mind and gives us the desires of our hearts. It’s such a blessing to know that my financial situation will be taken care of (and that I’ll be paid more than minimum wage, hallelujah!) AND my weekends free! God’s really, really cool. 

As I get older I realize how often I stress out about money, especially since I have so little, and my loans are slowly accumulating. My old worship leader told me though that the Bible says “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He will sell some at top dollar to get you where you need to be”. It’s a funny statement, but it’s exactly what I need when I’m feeling down and realize that I’m a lot poorer than I think. 

To be honest, this year has been so crazy. It was nothing I expected, and it was infinitely more than I could have imagined, both good and bad. When I go home I know there will be a different Sydney stepping over the threshold; not different in a bad or good way… just different. My life has been altered, and I’m still not quite comfortable, but God’s hand is in the midst of all things. Needless to say, it’s going to be a great summer! AND I get home the day before Mother’s Day, which I am completely stoked about because I love, love, LOVE my mama. If you need an example of enduring love, my mother is it. And Mom, since I know you’re reading this, I love you. You challenge me every day and make me think. You also are incredibly honest, which can hurt, but it’s exactly what I need. Your sacrifice and love is in my heart always, and I am so proud I can brag about you to my friends. 

Well everyone, I’m creeping up on that “one page” limit, so I have to bid you farewell. One day I’m going to throw you a curve ball and write two pages without telling everyone. It will be like a never-ending maze letter. 
Have a great week, friends. 

P.S. the photo above was taken by my beautiful big sister, Morgan. Check out her photography HERE.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

biking through tulsa

 ^^ i had to make sure my favorite coffee shop was photobombing one of these pictures. hello, foolish things. you make me happy :)

to celebrate me turning in a few massive assignments/papers/projects last week, i decided to take easter weekend off so i could do whatever the heck i wanted. 
so this saturday we decided to go on a bike ride! we roped our friend eric into joining us as well because, well, safety in numbers. 
it turned out being nearly 22 miles long, so go us. and we may or may not have gotten just a little too much sun. (who am i kidding? my arms are a lovely tomato color) but all in all, it was so much fun. we cruised all the way downtown and explored the historic route 66 for a bit. i feel like i complain about tulsa a lot, but it truly is a beautiful city, especially in the spring time! 
i am so thankful for this lovely day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

welcome to april

(click on image for source)

let’s take a second here to talk about april fools day. 
the people in our family have usually been pretty tame when it comes to this particular holiday. the only prank i think we’ve ever pulled on one another is the good ‘ol cup in the cupboard trick. you know, where you fill a cup with water, attach it to a string so when someone opens the cupboard and down comes a cup of water, and, oh no!, you’re wet. 
like i said, we’re pretty tame on this particular day. probably because it’s way more fun to prank people on days when they least expect it (like on vacation! oooh, there was this one time when we were in california…) never mind, i’m getting ahead of myself. if you really want to hear that story, i’ll tell it another time. 
so my younger brothers and i were talking about harmless, hilarious pranks i could pull on my floor mates. thus was born the idea of the bouillon shower. 
you know those flavorful cubes people put in soup? bouillon cubes. we figured if you were to stick one of those bad boys your shower head you would end up getting a chicken noodle soup shower. we had a good laugh at this, but then realized it’s probably the most genius thing we have ever thought of. not only would your poor target not realize what was going on, they would suddenly have a massive craving for all things chicken noodle soup related and a hug from mom… 

so, if you’re looking for some sort of prank to play on your loved ones this year, just think of the bouillon prank. and if you do pull it, please let me know the results, because i start laughing so hard i cry just thinking about it because it’s that hilarious!

also, there are blossoms on the trees. it makes me so, so happy.