Friday, January 31, 2014

life lately

alrighty, well we had a nice dose of gloom and doom, i figured it would be nice to put up some photos of life lately (or in the past while)
my lovely asian counterpart in a lot of these photos is my ever-wonderful friend eugenia. she's a keeper. and i love her dearly.

 the sibs. we decided early in this year that we all looked alike and separated at birth. obviously. anytime the triplets can get together it's a party.
*a fancy dance in lace dresses.*

 *our attempts at good photos usually fail miserably.*

*... and we end up with gems like this. this is our friendship in a photo.* 

*despite the blurriness, i really love this photo. the photo bomb from the street lamp in the background is especially wonderful.* 

*music moves us.* 

*this babe, who i clearly need to take posing lessons from, really lights up my life. and can we talk about her fabulous dress for a second? sequins or die.*

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