Tuesday, January 14, 2014

the heart

what an interesting thing the heart is. we can't control it. sometimes it feels incredibly happy, and others it feels unbearably sick. like a weight crushing the chest, it just sits there, barely wanting to beat.
what's up with that?
lately i've been feeling not quite myself.
i think i can pinpoint exactly why i feel this way, but part of me doesn't want to believe my little heart might be diseased.
it's in mourning, and it seems like no one can help me. i know the Lord is sovereign and comforting... even psalm 34:4 says "i sought the Lord and He answered me and delivered me from all my fears". i love that verse. and i know the Lord is my comfort. but i'm just not feeling that comfort, you know what i mean? i just want to feel it.
so friends, i hope your hearts are beating a little stronger than mine these past few days. and if not, hang in there. we can all get through, and it will be okay.
i know people say that a lot, but it will always be okay. things will always get better.
this too shall pass.
i'm really looking forward to when my heart picks up the beat.

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