Thursday, January 9, 2014

the shameless diary

I have a condition. 
I don't know if there's a technical medical term for it, but I often suffer from "holy cow, this is a lot of work and I'm not very good at it so I won't finish what I started". 
Every time I start a blog, I hit the ground running. I'm excited to write, chart my life, and overwhelm the world with my amazing abilities (those abilities are tying a cherry stem with my tongue and parallel parking. I know, it's hard not to be jealous). 
But, within a few months, I lose my stride. I decide that I had a bad idea, I can't find pictures for my blog posts, and everything I write is quickly deleted because it's "inadequate". 
So, I'm going to challenge myself to write on this blog at least twice a week. Hopefully someone will be reading. But if not, I will not lose heart. 
I hope you join me for the ride, and we can experience my life as it rolls and tumbles together. I will show you my best and worst. I will write my shameless diary. Welcome aboard. 

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