Monday, February 24, 2014

woe is laundry

ever since i was a junior in high school i've been doing all my own laundry. 
it kind of stinks, doing laundry. and when i really think about it, that's a rather silly complaint because i don't have to scrub all my clothes on a washboard. and i also have the privilege of owning more than three dresses. 
but anyway, i'm getting away from my point. 
my point was that doing laundry kind of stinks. i wish i could just throw it in the hamper and *presto!* they'd clean themselves. 
the tipping point of when i do laundry depends on two factors: running out of pants or running out of underwear. 
it's usually the latter, because when i run out of jeans, i just start wearing all my dresses and skirts because they're clean and hey, why not look like you're about to go out for prom on a Wednesday? 
it's wonderful because as my clean clothes diminish, the compliments i receive on my outfits increase. i just don't have the heart to tell people the reason i'm dressed to the nines is because, well i don't have any pants. 
so really, the moral in all of this is don't do your laundry because you'll look fabulous. 

todays selfie (i still hate that word. selfie. *cringe*) is brought to you by six hours of sleep (a new record!) and a face that really doesn't want to crack down on all those scholarship essays. a face that has been hunting for houses, and getting a little overwhelmed with the entire process. a face that has a hopeful look at the future because she's praying to see things from Jesus' perspective (and boy, is it difficult).

Friday, February 14, 2014

wherever you are

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it's the night of valentine's day.
i'm sitting in a beautiful new home, relaxing on a plush leather couch. there's chocolate syrup on my clothing, my hair is a mess, and there's a bruise on my temple where i was hit with a buzz lightyear action figure. six little children are asleep around the house, and i find myself so incredibly happy.
(i realize that last paragraph made me sound like a mother. der heck?)

i dunno... just sitting here, on this couch, Netflix controller by my side if i want to tune up some Once Upon a Time, i am very happy. i know i am loved. i feel loved.
yeah, maybe instead of going out to a nice restaurant, eating chocolate, or cuddling up with a loved one i was paying a three year old a quarter to pee... but who cares? i am content.
and i really love this feeling.
i suppose i am starting to grasp what paul talks about in the Bible about being content despite his current circumstances.
there is a crap ton to be thankful for, and i realize it again and again every day. it's beautiful!

and, this weekend i have a showing scheduled for a condo, which i couldn't be more excited about! cheers to the grown up life, right?
have a wonderful weekend, friends! i hope your hearts are as at peace as mine is right now.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

friends and coffee shops

when i first came to tulsa for school my main thought was "what does tulsa have that denver doesn't?" (i know, real optimistic of me). 
the answer is a lot. but that's beside the point. 
one thing i have been pleasantly surprised with is the amount of coffee shops sprinkled around tulsa. not only do many of them have tasty coffee and a pleasant atmosphere, but they're open late. which is just perfect if you want to sit and chat for hours, lose track of the time, or build jenga towers and laugh while talking about nothing and everything all at once. 
i have been very blessed by having these sweet little getaways. just this past weekend we rounded up a small group and went out for coffee late in the evening. 
escapes like that are nice sometimes, even if they're only for a short time.