Thursday, February 6, 2014

friends and coffee shops

when i first came to tulsa for school my main thought was "what does tulsa have that denver doesn't?" (i know, real optimistic of me). 
the answer is a lot. but that's beside the point. 
one thing i have been pleasantly surprised with is the amount of coffee shops sprinkled around tulsa. not only do many of them have tasty coffee and a pleasant atmosphere, but they're open late. which is just perfect if you want to sit and chat for hours, lose track of the time, or build jenga towers and laugh while talking about nothing and everything all at once. 
i have been very blessed by having these sweet little getaways. just this past weekend we rounded up a small group and went out for coffee late in the evening. 
escapes like that are nice sometimes, even if they're only for a short time. 

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Morgan Ilg said...

Frank and I play Jenga all the time!!

...he always wins.