Friday, February 14, 2014

wherever you are

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it's the night of valentine's day.
i'm sitting in a beautiful new home, relaxing on a plush leather couch. there's chocolate syrup on my clothing, my hair is a mess, and there's a bruise on my temple where i was hit with a buzz lightyear action figure. six little children are asleep around the house, and i find myself so incredibly happy.
(i realize that last paragraph made me sound like a mother. der heck?)

i dunno... just sitting here, on this couch, Netflix controller by my side if i want to tune up some Once Upon a Time, i am very happy. i know i am loved. i feel loved.
yeah, maybe instead of going out to a nice restaurant, eating chocolate, or cuddling up with a loved one i was paying a three year old a quarter to pee... but who cares? i am content.
and i really love this feeling.
i suppose i am starting to grasp what paul talks about in the Bible about being content despite his current circumstances.
there is a crap ton to be thankful for, and i realize it again and again every day. it's beautiful!

and, this weekend i have a showing scheduled for a condo, which i couldn't be more excited about! cheers to the grown up life, right?
have a wonderful weekend, friends! i hope your hearts are as at peace as mine is right now.

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Morgan Ilg said...

NO don't get a condo!!!

but you were paying a three year old to pee.