Monday, February 24, 2014

woe is laundry

ever since i was a junior in high school i've been doing all my own laundry. 
it kind of stinks, doing laundry. and when i really think about it, that's a rather silly complaint because i don't have to scrub all my clothes on a washboard. and i also have the privilege of owning more than three dresses. 
but anyway, i'm getting away from my point. 
my point was that doing laundry kind of stinks. i wish i could just throw it in the hamper and *presto!* they'd clean themselves. 
the tipping point of when i do laundry depends on two factors: running out of pants or running out of underwear. 
it's usually the latter, because when i run out of jeans, i just start wearing all my dresses and skirts because they're clean and hey, why not look like you're about to go out for prom on a Wednesday? 
it's wonderful because as my clean clothes diminish, the compliments i receive on my outfits increase. i just don't have the heart to tell people the reason i'm dressed to the nines is because, well i don't have any pants. 
so really, the moral in all of this is don't do your laundry because you'll look fabulous. 

todays selfie (i still hate that word. selfie. *cringe*) is brought to you by six hours of sleep (a new record!) and a face that really doesn't want to crack down on all those scholarship essays. a face that has been hunting for houses, and getting a little overwhelmed with the entire process. a face that has a hopeful look at the future because she's praying to see things from Jesus' perspective (and boy, is it difficult).

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Morgan Ilg said...

bahahahahha said, "it kinda stinks doing laundry" pun-intended, I'm sure lol