Monday, March 31, 2014

just chillin on a cow

i've realized that i'm a huge fan of denver.
honestly, it's almost embarrassing and almost shameful because i brag about my city all the time. maybe to the point where it sounds precocious...
regardless, when we were home for spring break, i was able to take my friends around the city. it was so wonderful.
and of course we had to visit the big metal cows outside of the art museum while we were there. i'm sure these cows have some sort of story behind them, but frankly, i just find it hilarious that there are two large cows watching over the art museum at night.
oh, and we had to take an obligatory photo on the mile high step at the capital. legend tells that the step is exactly a mile above sea level.. (or in reality it's a mile above sea level. whatever. the step is cool.)

 ^^ see? one mile up. it was a momentous occasion.^^

denver, i still miss you and can't wait to see you again. being away from home always makes me appreciate it a little more.

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