Sunday, March 23, 2014

pikes peak

so, in true blogger fashion, here's another photo dump from the day we went to Pikes Peak!
friends bought us tickets to take the cog up to the peak, which was so kind of them, and such a fun ride! our guide was very informative and the view from the top was... well, incredible, to say the least. supposedly you can see the curvature of the earth from the top (i've never been able to see it, but i think that's just me and my crazy eyes).
after spending time on the mountain we explored the cute town of manitou springs for a bit.
also, i have a horrible habit of never editing the photos i put up here... is that bad blogger form? i suppose i just like photos in their natural states.

 an action shot of eugenia and. i actually really love this picture.

 and THE VIEW!! oh my gosh, i can't get over it!

 when megan finds out i posted this photo of her she won't be pleased, but i think it's a beautiful profile, don't you?

and of course no voyage is complete without a cute group photo.  

 oh look! another! and can we all take a moment to appreciate the photobomb from the man in the train? flawless. absolutely flawless.

we also stopped at this little pizza place when back in town. this statue was creepy, but the pizza was good! 

in Manitou we found the coolest penny arcade! it was so much fun! 

and of course we had to explore all the little shops! finding these jackets was a highlight. 

oh, and this shop that sold cacti! aren't they adorable? if only they didn't have hundreds of tiny little barbs! not gonna lie, i got a little careless and was stuck in the finger. ouch!

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