Friday, March 21, 2014

spring break

these past few weeks i've been incognito because life has been overwhelming.
one week ago i wanted to give up, quit college, and go home. i was done. so a spring break in beautiful colorado was just what i needed. it was everything i needed. time away, time home, in God's beautiful creation... it has been wonderful. and i kind of don't want to go back!

 the girls minus one ready to road trip! we were all a little sleepy.

remember when i mentioned the sibs in this post? here we are again, ready to caravan to colorado! 

one day when i was with my family the ladies went to garden of the gods, which is absolutely beautiful! 

i love these two beautiful ladies so much. 

an action shot. because they're way better than posed pictures. let's be honest. 


breathtaking doesn't do it justice. it hurts my heart leaving.

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