Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a letter from april

Hello there!

I can tell I’ve been writing a lot of essays lately because as soon as I opened this document I started typing my name, the date, and my class section in the header! Ha, sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. 

Anyhow. It’s April everyone! My baby sister turned 15 this month (seriously, where did the time go? Last I checked, she’s not allowed to grow up!), and spring is right around the corner. Already the trees are budding on campus! I can’t wait until all of them are in bloom, because the campus is going to look beautiful! Have you ever heard of that phrase “April showers bring May flowers”? I’ve never really understood that, because in Colorado, one day it’s winter and the next there are flowers blooming and birds chirping. But here, this is a law. It’s been raining, thundering and lightening (is that a word?). It’s nice, because the weather is warming up, but I’m pretty sure I have an irrational fear of lightning that’s bubbling up inside of me. 

I’m writing this in the midst of finals week. It’s so surreal that my first year here at ORU is almost over. My roommate and I have already packed up half of our room and it makes me weepy sitting in here completing my last assignments with all these naked walls surrounding me. I also completed my last day of work at American Eagle. I enjoyed working there very much (and the discount wasn’t too shabby, haha) and I’m going to miss it a little, but I think overall, I am tired of working retail. It’s not something I enjoy anymore, which is completely okay! God has been looking out for me too because I was kind of freaking out about a job and I got two weekly babysitting jobs for the next school year! It’s in moments like these when I know God has our best interests in mind and gives us the desires of our hearts. It’s such a blessing to know that my financial situation will be taken care of (and that I’ll be paid more than minimum wage, hallelujah!) AND my weekends free! God’s really, really cool. 

As I get older I realize how often I stress out about money, especially since I have so little, and my loans are slowly accumulating. My old worship leader told me though that the Bible says “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and He will sell some at top dollar to get you where you need to be”. It’s a funny statement, but it’s exactly what I need when I’m feeling down and realize that I’m a lot poorer than I think. 

To be honest, this year has been so crazy. It was nothing I expected, and it was infinitely more than I could have imagined, both good and bad. When I go home I know there will be a different Sydney stepping over the threshold; not different in a bad or good way… just different. My life has been altered, and I’m still not quite comfortable, but God’s hand is in the midst of all things. Needless to say, it’s going to be a great summer! AND I get home the day before Mother’s Day, which I am completely stoked about because I love, love, LOVE my mama. If you need an example of enduring love, my mother is it. And Mom, since I know you’re reading this, I love you. You challenge me every day and make me think. You also are incredibly honest, which can hurt, but it’s exactly what I need. Your sacrifice and love is in my heart always, and I am so proud I can brag about you to my friends. 

Well everyone, I’m creeping up on that “one page” limit, so I have to bid you farewell. One day I’m going to throw you a curve ball and write two pages without telling everyone. It will be like a never-ending maze letter. 
Have a great week, friends. 

P.S. the photo above was taken by my beautiful big sister, Morgan. Check out her photography HERE.

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