Saturday, April 19, 2014

biking through tulsa

 ^^ i had to make sure my favorite coffee shop was photobombing one of these pictures. hello, foolish things. you make me happy :)

to celebrate me turning in a few massive assignments/papers/projects last week, i decided to take easter weekend off so i could do whatever the heck i wanted. 
so this saturday we decided to go on a bike ride! we roped our friend eric into joining us as well because, well, safety in numbers. 
it turned out being nearly 22 miles long, so go us. and we may or may not have gotten just a little too much sun. (who am i kidding? my arms are a lovely tomato color) but all in all, it was so much fun. we cruised all the way downtown and explored the historic route 66 for a bit. i feel like i complain about tulsa a lot, but it truly is a beautiful city, especially in the spring time! 
i am so thankful for this lovely day.

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