Tuesday, April 1, 2014

welcome to april

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let’s take a second here to talk about april fools day. 
the people in our family have usually been pretty tame when it comes to this particular holiday. the only prank i think we’ve ever pulled on one another is the good ‘ol cup in the cupboard trick. you know, where you fill a cup with water, attach it to a string so when someone opens the cupboard and down comes a cup of water, and, oh no!, you’re wet. 
like i said, we’re pretty tame on this particular day. probably because it’s way more fun to prank people on days when they least expect it (like on vacation! oooh, there was this one time when we were in california…) never mind, i’m getting ahead of myself. if you really want to hear that story, i’ll tell it another time. 
so my younger brothers and i were talking about harmless, hilarious pranks i could pull on my floor mates. thus was born the idea of the bouillon shower. 
you know those flavorful cubes people put in soup? bouillon cubes. we figured if you were to stick one of those bad boys your shower head you would end up getting a chicken noodle soup shower. we had a good laugh at this, but then realized it’s probably the most genius thing we have ever thought of. not only would your poor target not realize what was going on, they would suddenly have a massive craving for all things chicken noodle soup related and a hug from mom… 

so, if you’re looking for some sort of prank to play on your loved ones this year, just think of the bouillon prank. and if you do pull it, please let me know the results, because i start laughing so hard i cry just thinking about it because it’s that hilarious!

also, there are blossoms on the trees. it makes me so, so happy.

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I love you ♡