Tuesday, July 15, 2014

just me and my city

lately i've been having rather mixed feelings about living in the city (largely in part due to the conversation my brothers and i had about a zombie apocalypse and if we're in the city, face it, we're toast)
there are days when it feels a wee bit too crowded, when people are incredibly rude, and it's exceptionally noisy. it's in those moments when i long to be away from the city, away from people, and away from my busy life.
but yesterday, as i strolled through the streets after work on my way to the train station, i fell asleep with my city all over again. the streets weren't terribly busy because it was dinner time. no horns were blairing, no construction workers beeping. it was so, incredibly calm.
and when i hopped on the train these (what i presumed) punk, wannabe kids hopped on. i rolled my eyes, just wanting to linger in the silence, but they started talking to this girl sitting in the corner with her arms crossed. their pick-up lines were cheesy, but their spirits were light. their laughs were contagious (their pants a little to saggy) but they brought life to that train.
and in that moment i feel in love with my city all over again. the people, the buildings, the sounds. all of it.
the hustle and bustle may get annoying, but it's my hustle and bustle. the heartbeat of this city i so gladly call home.

(i apologize for my not-so-blogger-quality phone photos here... but it's what i had and it's enough)

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