Friday, July 4, 2014

shameless diary entry 3

i tried to keep a diary once. when i was in third grade. it had a giraffe on the front cover and lasted about four days. i can clearly remember writing in one of my entries: "i don't like any boys and the grinch is mean." i know, it's embarrassing.

a while ago we ventured up pike's peak. (we didn't hike it, but it was still a blast!)
i'm always amazed at the view from up there. especially since as you climb a mountain the view is incredible and i think to myself, 'there's no way this can get any better'. but it does! it's absolutely breathtaking.
as i was scrolling through my camera photos i found these gems my brothers snapped... it's a lovely series that captures zach well... perfectly. i love them.

^^i mean, just look at that face! pure joy. love it.

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