Saturday, August 16, 2014

sleepovers, cookies, and kinda sorta scary things

the other night my roommate decided to go camping and i didn't want to be home alone (sad face emoji) so i spent the night at a friend's apartment. it was gloriously wonderful. we decided to watch supernatural, which is apparently a super popular show with this generation and like, the coolest thing every and if you haven't watched it you're not-so-cool.
whatever. i digress.
anyway, it's about these two brothers that hunt restless spirits or something. and i know it's tv drama and totally fake, but in between covering my eyes for 50% of the show and squeezing sarah's hand/ squealing like a little girl, i was pretty freaked out.
note to self: stick with disney.
now i'm off to make some cookies because i haven't in a while and there's something about a cookie that screams "hey, welcome home."

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