Saturday, September 27, 2014

the thing about chicken and waffles

the title of this blog post was inspired whilst reading another blog. (yay for people inspiring people, right?)
i actually wasn't going to do anything productive with my time this evening.
i was supposed to be reading a book for a scholarship, but nay, i forgot the book. then i was supposed to be vacation planning, but that got overwhelming very quickly.
luckily, i got work done in regards to budgeting.
you win some you lose some.
and then i started thinking about chicken and waffles and how, before i came to the south, i had never even heard of the concept. chicken and... waffles? the audactiy! the absurdity! why would combine chicken with a delightful waffle??!
i'm sure somewhere there's a belgian crying over this.
i still haven't tried chicken and waffles.

life is random sometimes. i haven't quite figured it out yet, but life is random. it changes so quickly. one second your roots are getting planted, and the next they're being lifted, transplanted to a different pot. yes, your little plant self screams "put me down! i liked that pot! i liked the view! where are you taking me!?" but to no avail, because where your little plant self is going is neither here nor there, simply greater and better. even though, gosh darn it, it definitely doesn't look like it.

p.s. i have such difficulty taking pictures like this of myself. how do you selfie? please, someone tell me.
p.p.s. but, in trying to stay true to blogger form, i am taking my own photos. (albeit somewhat not-so-great) progress, people. progress.
p.p.p.s. i think my left eye is smaller than my right. so there's something.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

let's talk about scholarships, shall we?

this outfit solidifies that i am the queen of monochromatic. (aka missy here is morally opposed to too much color in her wardrobe).

so, i've been working on this scholarship for a while that involves reading a reeeally long book (we're talking 1000+ pages. oh me, oh my). but quite honestly, it's the most entertaining scholarship i've ever undertaken. it's actually challenging my brain. who knew?
here's the beef i have with scholarships: they're incredibly unimaginative. i can't tell you how many essay's i have submitted attempting to answer the probing question: why do YOU deserve this scholarship? 
and to top that, these websites have examples of past years winners(examples, i tell you!), that when you read them they make you kind of want to bang your head against a wall, throw yourself on the floor, or curl up in a ball and cry because they have brown-nose written all-over them. 

OR you have websites with examples that rip your heart out and make you use about half a box of tissues and feel truly grateful for your life because your cat fluffy didn't just die, and you still have both eyes and limbs, and didn't have to donate your left kidney to your grandmother. (i in no way mean to make fun of people like this, because those stories are incredible).  
but i sometimes wish that i could be cut a break, ya know? i'm intelligent, i have things to offer, and i just want this scholarship. 
no, i haven't saved any kittens from trees recently, or climbed a very tall mountain with a llama on my back, or spent the last few years in a chemistry lab studying cancer cells. 

i'm just in love with life and words and i've invested in people. can there be a scholarship for that??

Thursday, September 11, 2014

a tiny tour

i am in love with our gallery wall. it has everything and everyone i love right up on it!
these desks make us look so studious, but really most of our homework is completed in bed. 
i actually make my bed every day, this was not just a 'look good for the picture' moment. thanks, mom.

something posessed me the other night (it was probably my HUGE lack of homework motivation) to deep clean Eug and my room and share it with you guys.
it wasn't a difficult task, because we keep things pretty tidy around here (thanks to ms. clean room nazi (a.k.a me)). and yes, i did just use parenthesis within parenthesis. which you can actually do, you just shouldn't if you want to be taken seriously in your writing.
i remember the first time i saw parenthesis used in a great author's work. i was reading c.s. lewis and i was blown. away.
i digress.
i am so thankful for this space we have to ourselves on campus. i know for some people, a room this size would be a dream, so i can hardly express how nice it is to have enough room to sprawl out on the floor (because that's just what you do after an especially long day).
it took a week or two to put the wall entirely together, and get our furniture placed just-so, but i am quite pleased with the product and feel at home. there's nothing quite like snuggling up in bed under the christmas lights and reading a book (which sadly happens to be a textbook because we don't like to have too much fun around these parts). and that 70's-esque paneled wall you see there? i am in love with it. it's also the only wall we're able to hang stuff on because cinder block hates all things hangie. go figure.
also, i've been feeling extra rosy lately. i don't know if it's fall right around the corner or what, but i am so content with life and so, so thankful. it's a beautiful world we live in, isn't it?

p.s. like those dream catchers? the inspiration for them came from here

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

notes from a hipster

my best friend jes, who is the ultimate decision in all things sydney-related (such as: does this haircut look good? how is my speech? should i eat all twelve of these reese's? no? just six? gotcha.), stated a while ago that i was a "hipster".
"not a real hipster though, like a sydney hipster. you're own type of hipster. you know?"
actually no, i don't know. but i find it quite laughable that anyone would pin me as said hipster. i asked my mom about it and she said i look like a prep (which i found even more laughable).
it's interesting to me how different people can have such drastically different opinions of us.

but moving on.

lately i've been in a state of transcendentalism, if you could call it that... and if transcendentalism is a real world... (i just looked it up: it is). it usually entails me wandering around campus late at night talking to God and asking random questions.
has anyone else experienced this, or am i the only one?
do you ever just wonder about life? do you wonder if something is wrong with you because you think differently than everyone else? do you ever feel like the stick in the mud because you just can't get behind what people do?
i've really been asking myself these things lately.
oh, and here's a big one: did i make a mistake by coming to college?? anyone have thoughts on that one?

my roommate vows i say this at least twice a month but: maybe i'll just become a hermit and live in a cave. (jk, that could never happen. i love people too much. still.)

so i leave you with a few of the questions that have been swirling around my brain lately. and as i strap on my white converse and head out the door to ponder some more on my evening walk, hopefully i'll find some answers to my questions. have a happy week.