Sunday, September 14, 2014

let's talk about scholarships, shall we?

this outfit solidifies that i am the queen of monochromatic. (aka missy here is morally opposed to too much color in her wardrobe).

so, i've been working on this scholarship for a while that involves reading a reeeally long book (we're talking 1000+ pages. oh me, oh my). but quite honestly, it's the most entertaining scholarship i've ever undertaken. it's actually challenging my brain. who knew?
here's the beef i have with scholarships: they're incredibly unimaginative. i can't tell you how many essay's i have submitted attempting to answer the probing question: why do YOU deserve this scholarship? 
and to top that, these websites have examples of past years winners(examples, i tell you!), that when you read them they make you kind of want to bang your head against a wall, throw yourself on the floor, or curl up in a ball and cry because they have brown-nose written all-over them. 

OR you have websites with examples that rip your heart out and make you use about half a box of tissues and feel truly grateful for your life because your cat fluffy didn't just die, and you still have both eyes and limbs, and didn't have to donate your left kidney to your grandmother. (i in no way mean to make fun of people like this, because those stories are incredible).  
but i sometimes wish that i could be cut a break, ya know? i'm intelligent, i have things to offer, and i just want this scholarship. 
no, i haven't saved any kittens from trees recently, or climbed a very tall mountain with a llama on my back, or spent the last few years in a chemistry lab studying cancer cells. 

i'm just in love with life and words and i've invested in people. can there be a scholarship for that??

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