Saturday, September 27, 2014

the thing about chicken and waffles

the title of this blog post was inspired whilst reading another blog. (yay for people inspiring people, right?)
i actually wasn't going to do anything productive with my time this evening.
i was supposed to be reading a book for a scholarship, but nay, i forgot the book. then i was supposed to be vacation planning, but that got overwhelming very quickly.
luckily, i got work done in regards to budgeting.
you win some you lose some.
and then i started thinking about chicken and waffles and how, before i came to the south, i had never even heard of the concept. chicken and... waffles? the audactiy! the absurdity! why would combine chicken with a delightful waffle??!
i'm sure somewhere there's a belgian crying over this.
i still haven't tried chicken and waffles.

life is random sometimes. i haven't quite figured it out yet, but life is random. it changes so quickly. one second your roots are getting planted, and the next they're being lifted, transplanted to a different pot. yes, your little plant self screams "put me down! i liked that pot! i liked the view! where are you taking me!?" but to no avail, because where your little plant self is going is neither here nor there, simply greater and better. even though, gosh darn it, it definitely doesn't look like it.

p.s. i have such difficulty taking pictures like this of myself. how do you selfie? please, someone tell me.
p.p.s. but, in trying to stay true to blogger form, i am taking my own photos. (albeit somewhat not-so-great) progress, people. progress.
p.p.p.s. i think my left eye is smaller than my right. so there's something.

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