Monday, November 3, 2014

just do it

there's this thing that's been around for a looong while called "style blogging".
basically super cute people pose in front of a camera and blog about it.
over the years i've been following various blogs that i find inspiring (such as the daybook, hey natalie jean, and love taza). and every time i would finish reading their posts and close my laptop i would feel fresh and think "someday i want to do this". the thing is, i've always enjoyed writing (and reading!). as school took off it seemed i had less and less time for it. consequently, i started getting more and more interested in expressing myself through clothing and stepping more into my womanhood (<--- which sounds super existential and mature...)
and i finally decided to stop dreaming and just do it.

that doing it involves me and my self-timer in a stairwell. i know, i know. i'm still learning. having a photographer sister also makes this task seem rather intimidating because um, i don't know what the crap i'm doing.
i'm one of those snobs that visits a museum and can identify and marvel at every little detail and paint stroke in a painting of photograph, but when it comes to actually taking the photos?
forget it. i'm done. pack up my belongings, i'm becoming a gypsy.
but for now, it's a start. and i figure i'd rather do something instead of nothing at all.
it's like in star trek when captain kirk is talking to spock as the enterprise is going down and kahn is causing all sorts of problems and he says: "i have no idea what i'm supposed to do. i only know what i can do." that's how i feel behind a camera lens.
okay, here's the focus. that's zoom. cool. done.
start adding f-stop and shutter speed all that jazz and you might as well be speaking portuguese.
so for now, this is good.

shoes: converse, jeans: levi, shirt: tennessee chic

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Morgan Nicole Ilg said...


just make sure when you become a gypsi to make an outfit post about that.