Tuesday, November 11, 2014

my mop

Soon after I graduated highschool I made the decision to cut and donate my hair. All two feet of it.
(Can you believe that? Two stinkin' feet. The fact I was walking around with that many dead cells strapped to my head is beyond me).
It turned out as a cute little pixie cut reminiscent of Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Goodwin.
But gosh darnit, if I didn't look like a boy sometimes. Especially after or a shower our in the wee hours of the morning. Total man status.
And now, finally (!) that little mop on my head has turned into something lovely: A BUN.
I know I may be the only one who is excited about this, but the fact that I can put my hair up away from my face is GLORIOUS, I tell you.
If it ever happens that I desire to, say, donate my hair to a charitable organization, remind me to give the shears boundaries, because we do not want to repeat that experience. Ever.

And yes, there is a Pride and Prejudice poster on my wall right next to a Finding Nemo poster... I believe you should give credit to whom credit is due. In this case: these are two of the greatest movies of all time (and Saving Private Ryan, who is not featured).

And photo booth... such a fun invention for us non-photographer types. It really reminds me why selfies should have never, EVER come into existence.

P.S. if you are in the business of donating hair, Locks of Love is a great organization. They even send you a card when your hair is on it's newest wearer. It's a beautiful thing!

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