Friday, November 6, 2015

it's been far too long

 Walking with my roommate to a meeting in the rain and lightning because if I have one fear in life it's lightning. Praise the Lord for amazing friends!

Sunset picnics in the park at sunset.

Aerial views of ORU are oh-so-stunning.

Floor initiation with the best girls anyone could know.

My brain is constantly going.
It's like a little hamster on a wheel running and running and constantly going to the next thing. I frequently topple into bed well after midnight amazed at what I did during the day and slightly terrified because I feel like I didn't accomplish anything.
This semester I took on a LOT of responsibility. And, despite what I thought going into it all, sometimes I wonder how in the world I can balance all this nonsense on my shoulders. I literally walk around with my phone in hand so I don't forget what I have in my schedule. I wear a WATCH now, for heaven's sake! It's ridiculous.
But at the same time, I have to sit back and look at my life and realize I have a lovely thing going here. It's chaotic, but it's also kind of beautiful... in a weird, twisted sort of way.
Oh, is that a pimple on my nose from lack of sanity? It's totally cool. We can rock that pimple. 
These are the things I tell myself anyway.
Really though, it's okay to feel like life is hectic sometimes. College is this rare time where I can still be a kid yet dip my toes into adulthood just enough. At the same time, I can also realize what I want and don't want when I officially become an "adult." Which, by the way, is the weirdest concept to me. Becoming an adult. When does this actually happen? When you turn 21? When you get married? When you get a raise? How does someone become an adult? I swear I'm still eight years old sometimes.
I'm going to do my best to slow my brain down a little next semester. I've tried out the whole hamster on the wheel thing and I'm willing to hang it up for a semester to enjoy life. To enjoy the opportunities college gives me to MEET people instead of meet jobs. If we're always looking towards work, what are we really living for anyway?
Work is a means to an end, after all. But people and relationships with them are priceless. That's never something worth sacrificing for a couple lines on my resume.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

cult classics and bikes

My friend Megs and I heard rumors that the weather was going to be absolutely amazing this weekend, so we decided we'd go on a bike ride.
Once the rumors turned out to be true, we scooted (<-- is that an actual word?) ourselves out of bed Saturday morning and cruised around the city. No agenda. No time frame. No trail. We were just rollin around on our bikes that had squeaky chains and clicking gears and had a great old time.

I might have said this before, but I really love bike riding. It's faster than walking, yet not as limiting as a car. You can see so much on a bike! And you can get exercise! And, if you like to show off, you can ride your bike with no handle bars and pretend you're meditating or something...

It was probably the nicest bike ride I've been on in a while. As I said in my last post, the last week was a bit of a doozy. It was one thing after another; my schedule was packed. And really, I was pretty fed up with this whole "be an adult but also a student and child at the same time" thing by the end of it. But this bike ride (and a crazy dance party/movie night) reminded me of how awesome I have it. What an amazing life I live!

^ We rode through an old neighborhood and it was beautiful. I think I drooled a few times over the architecture.
^ Also this robin egg blue house... which I took while still riding my bike. DO NOT RECOMMEND, I repeat: DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Speaking of said dance party/movie night. We watched The Sandlot, which is easily one of my all-time favorite cult classics. Right up there with Princess Bride and Friend Green Tomatoes. And probably You've Got Mail. Which I don't think constitutes as a cult classic... but I sure do love that movie.

I also realized I have probably watched The Sandlot one too many times because I quoted almost every line... oops? But I'm not actually sorry?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

the story of long legs

I'm going to tell you a story... it's about a girl, a pair of incredibly long legs and some chestnut colored shoes. (I'm starting to feel like Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic. Oh geez.) High heels to be exact. Wedges.

First, we'll talk about the legs, because they're a really essential part of the story. These legs were given to her by her... father, I suppose. We'll blame it on him. It's not his fault though, that he has legs making him over six feet tall.

But anyway.
These legs.

They went on for miles it seemed and always seemed to make her taller than her close girlfriends and most men.
Which is super awkward. Having a guy come up to you and say, "wow you're tall" is just awkward. How does one respond? "Yeah? Well you're short."

So she had these super long legs and didn't feel quite right wearing high heels unless she was around super tall men or friends who were wearing super high heels to make up for their shortness.
She owned two pair of heels, black patent pumps, and nude pumps. Barely a two inch heel. Perfectly sensible.
And then... she found a pair of wedges.

At first she laughed because they looked stupid in the store. All strappy and not at all "classy lady" (a style she preferred very much) But with a foot in them... well, it was an entirely different story!
They looked... they looked refined! They looked posh! She looked like she could clomp through Paris Fashion Week!

Jk, I'm getting ahead of myself.
But. Really. These things were beauties. And, added bonus, they were only $15. (Confetti popped out of the ceiling when she bought them, I kid you not)

So... that's how this darling lady came to own a pair of the coolest wedges in town. She still towered over everyone and their cousin, but she did it with style.

Now when men come up to her and say, "wow, you're tall" she raises with greater poise, throws her shoulders back, and responds, "aren't I though?"