Thursday, January 29, 2015

the story of long legs

I'm going to tell you a story... it's about a girl, a pair of incredibly long legs and some chestnut colored shoes. (I'm starting to feel like Rebecca from Confessions of a Shopaholic. Oh geez.) High heels to be exact. Wedges.

First, we'll talk about the legs, because they're a really essential part of the story. These legs were given to her by her... father, I suppose. We'll blame it on him. It's not his fault though, that he has legs making him over six feet tall.

But anyway.
These legs.

They went on for miles it seemed and always seemed to make her taller than her close girlfriends and most men.
Which is super awkward. Having a guy come up to you and say, "wow you're tall" is just awkward. How does one respond? "Yeah? Well you're short."

So she had these super long legs and didn't feel quite right wearing high heels unless she was around super tall men or friends who were wearing super high heels to make up for their shortness.
She owned two pair of heels, black patent pumps, and nude pumps. Barely a two inch heel. Perfectly sensible.
And then... she found a pair of wedges.

At first she laughed because they looked stupid in the store. All strappy and not at all "classy lady" (a style she preferred very much) But with a foot in them... well, it was an entirely different story!
They looked... they looked refined! They looked posh! She looked like she could clomp through Paris Fashion Week!

Jk, I'm getting ahead of myself.
But. Really. These things were beauties. And, added bonus, they were only $15. (Confetti popped out of the ceiling when she bought them, I kid you not)

So... that's how this darling lady came to own a pair of the coolest wedges in town. She still towered over everyone and their cousin, but she did it with style.

Now when men come up to her and say, "wow, you're tall" she raises with greater poise, throws her shoulders back, and responds, "aren't I though?"