I am Sydney.
I have a degree in Public Relations and really enjoy getting people's attention.
I am rather passionate about our government (read: not politics) and am an avid Abraham Lincoln and George Washington fan through-and-through.
AP style will probably be the death of me.
I'm a lover of books and movies with intriguing plot lines, humor and honest characters.
Writing is one of my favorite hobbies with reading and painting my nails coming closely behind. If you're looking for a good red nail polish, "I'm Not Really a Waitress" by O.P.I. will do ya wonders.
My heart aches and breaks at the most peculiar things and I rarely laugh. When I do, it's insatiable and so weird.
I don't watch TV but I have seen every single episode of Parks and Recreation many, many times. It's my most quoted resource next to the Bible.
I like writing and I don't anticipate being a published author any time soon, so this blog is a good place for me to get started.

Oh, and I firmly believe in never starting a story with a dictionary definition. 

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