December 24, 2018

My sweet roomie moved out this week to pursue her dreams. 

It's the very definition of bittersweet. 

A few weeks ago, she found cheap flights to Chicago and we escaped for a long weekend to explore the so-called windy city and eat really good food. Our trip wasn't intended to be a going-away gift to me, or a gift to me in any sense of the word, but it was an extremely delicious and special cherry on top of a truly wonderful roommate-ship. 

Eug and I have been roommates almost continuously  for the...

December 7, 2018

You know how there are some women out there who have lovely skin and we all love and hate them at the same time? 

Er, rather, there is Photoshop that makes larger-than-life billboards with flawless skin? Maybe you're the girl or guy who has never struggled with acne or big pores, or red spots, and good for you! Be grateful! 

I've struggled with acne since 6th grade. It has never been quite as bad as it was in Middle School (if you put my 6th Grade picture next to any other school photo y...

September 10, 2018

Sometimes I can’t sleep.

Usually it’s because my mind is alive with ideas, crowing and running through my brain begging to go somewhere.

Tonight is one of those nights. I’m dreaming and thinking of all the things I can do, all the things I could create, only stifled by the question “how?” and the steps between the dreaming and doing. I fight to think of ways to combat this stifling stillness marred by movement.

So that’s what we do – we create. We try to escape our minds by pouring it out on paper...

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i'm sydney.

 hello and welcome! 

This is my blog; a space for essays and stories that matter and ones that might not.

All hail the underdogs. 

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