January 18, 2019

I'm not going to pretend I'm an art snob, or that knowledgeable about fine art in general. I'm not. I'm a poser when it comes to understanding art, but I definitely enjoy it, which I think is half the battle when you're stuck between a large painting of a hay bale and someone commenting on the artist's intent. However, I do love a good art museum if it's within reach, and I will peruse and furrow my brow and genuinely try to let the pieces speak to me if they can. 

What I enjoy most about art mus...

January 16, 2019

This may come as a surprise to my readers, but I'm a fairly shy person when it comes to my own growth. I don't like sharing it, nor do I like staring it in the face. I still struggle with being 100% honest with how I need to grown and remaining conscious of the fact that growth is slow. Almost imperceptibly slow. We don't really notice we're growing until we look back and think, whoa! Look at all these new leaves!

On our trip to Chicago, Eugenia and I both picked one thing we really wanted to do....

January 13, 2019

December was a very special month for me for so many reasons, but one of my all-time favorite December 2018 memories will be my trip with my roommate to Chicago, Illinois.

I’d never been to Chicago before, and after snagging some disgustingly cheap tickets, Eugenia and I hopped on a plane with our personal items and crashed in one of the USA’s biggest cities for a long weekend. You know how Frank Sinatra has that song “Chicago” where he just belts Chiiiicaaaago, Chiiicaaaago!?

I felt like screamin...

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just a heads up...