May 10, 2018

One thing I struggle with over this blog is the fear I'm not always going to produce "amazing posts... A week ago I wrote about grief because I was really suffering through it that day. Today I am not. Today I'm somewhat tired but also wanting to go for a run and I'm writing this on my bed after a long day still wearing my work shirt and a questionable form of "pants."

May 3, 2018

My grandmother died a week ago today. I have four grandmothers, and I have always known that two of their deaths would shake me to my core, I just never wanted to believe the reality of it. The latter I don’t want to think about. But the first, my gram, who died as four cardinals flocked to her window hurts in a way I can’t describe.

She was the last link to my birth mother. My mother’s mother. And now she’s gone.

And grief?

I’m terrible at it.

I’ve been teetering between bursting into tears and a t...

March 26, 2018

I've been pondering the idea of value a lot recently because this time last year I felt like mine had been zapped. Despite years and years of knowing one thing, a series of failures led me down a rabbit hole that made me question my value. In a journal entry almost a year ago to the date I wrote: I know I can't let this thought get to me, but I still find myself asking, 'if I was as great as people think I am, I would have a job and be successful.'

Oh man, how I could reach back a year ago and gi...

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