March 13, 2018

I haven't done the math, but I'm pretty sure 50% of my time in the apartment revolves around me jumping up and hurrying to our peep hole to try to catch a glimpse of our neighbors slinking through the hall. Do I have better things to do with my time? Maybe. But not really.

March 4, 2018

Well, there it is, folks! I moved! Maybe it’s not news to you if you’re following along with #SundaysWithSyd (an Instagram phenomenon that's all too crazy), but if you’re new here, there ya go! I moved closer to downtown Denver and my little city heart is singing all its songs. 

It’s really thrilling and slightly weird. I’ve always lived with others, moved into houses that were already established, well-lived-in and well loved. I’ve never liked living by myself, so my college roomie Eugenia and I...

February 17, 2018

A week ago my dearest friends and I flew down to Tulsa to surprise our sweet Sarah, and I would be remiss if I didn't write something into the cosmic forever-void that is the internet about my dear friend Sarah Young. 

I have been incredibly fortunate to have a handful of forever-friends that extend beyond my family. Three of them I met in college. One of them is Sarah. 

Sarah and I have served through the thick and thin of life together; both of us sharing very demanding leadership roles in a cut...

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i'm sydney.

 hello and welcome! 

This is my blog; a space for essays and stories that matter and ones that might not.

All hail the underdogs. 

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just a heads up...