October 21, 2017

Before we get into things, I want to preface this with the following: I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I've gone on dates and dated a person for a few years, but I'm mostly clueless in the world of flirting, I don't know when it's appropriate to call that person, what signals to look for when someone likes you, and I really have no idea how to live my life perfectly. I have always been this way and there seems no end in sight. Don't feel bad for me, because I don't feel bad for me.

Alrighty, onward. 

I've thou...

October 5, 2017

Dear morning, 

Hi there. Here you are again. The sun seems to be peeking up slower these days, and I seem to be getting up earlier and earlier. 

I've started this thing where I go into work an hour earlier than I need to. At first I did it because I loathe sitting in traffic, but then I realized how much I love the city early in the morning. I love how it's sleepy, and a grey half-light hovers between the skyscrapers. And the capitol - oh don't get me started. I like that building so dang much. Th...

September 21, 2017

This may very well be the most uncomfortable I've been writing in quite some time. It feels weird to me to talk about bodies, especially my body, and how I actually feel about it on the internet, but I think it's important to share and push myself outside of my comfort zone. That's my mantra for this year, right? Work hard and try new things?

In June my back started feeling tight constantly, like it desperately needed to be stretched, but no amount of stretching made it feel better. Then, in earl...

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i'm sydney.

 hello and welcome! 

This is my blog; a space for essays and stories that matter and ones that might not.

All hail the underdogs. 

follow along.


just a heads up...

welcome to the bottom of the page! Just a heads up, these words are mine. The images are mine unless stated otherwise. I, Sydney, own them and all the rights to them. You can't have anything on this site without written permission from the owner (a.k.a. me), got it?  The internet isn't a lawless countryside. There are rules to what you can and cannot do with people's creativity. I'm glad we understand each other. 

welcome photo by the magical Rachel Grammes