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a love letter | morning

Dear morning,

Hi there. Here you are again. The sun seems to be peeking up slower these days, and I seem to be getting up earlier and earlier.

I've started this thing where I go into work an hour earlier than I need to. At first I did it because I loathe sitting in traffic, but then I realized how much I love the city early in the morning. I love how it's sleepy, and a grey half-light hovers between the skyscrapers. And the capitol - oh don't get me started. I like that building so dang much. The air is chilly in the morning (I'll always love that about arid climates) and sound seems amplified yet muted at the same time. The scuff of my shoes on sidewalk and the lazy flapping of a flag in the breeze seems to tell the city, wake up. it's time to roll.

When I get to work, I make myself coffee, turn on my desk lamp, eat my breakfast, read the news and respond to emails. I leave my office door open so I can feel the chilly air seep into the stuffy office, and listen to the gradual increase in life and activity outside the door.

Some days, if I'm feeling particularly good, I'll splurge a little and buy a cup of coffee at the coffee shop across the street. A few weeks ago I convinced myself to purchase a slice of cinnamon orange coffee cake there. It was amazing. I'll have to find out where it's made so you can try some too.

Today, I was walking to a meeting in the heart of the city in the wee hours, watching the city groggily roll out of bed, while listening to "Wish I Knew You". I don't believe in "perfect" moments, but that one was pretty dang close. With lyrics like we stayed up in the city/till the stars lost the war how can you not feel close to perfect?

I'm grateful for you, morning. You have a way of putting things in perspective and helping me remember why I do what I do and why I feel like pulling my hairs out in the process. I know some people loathe you, but I'm kind of a fan. Stick around, why don't ya.



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