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to whom honor is due

A week ago my dearest friends and I flew down to Tulsa to surprise our sweet Sarah, and I would be remiss if I didn't write something into the cosmic forever-void that is the internet about my dear friend Sarah Young.

I have been incredibly fortunate to have a handful of forever-friends that extend beyond my family. Three of them I met in college. One of them is Sarah.

Sarah and I have served through the thick and thin of life together; both of us sharing very demanding leadership roles in a cutthroat mock-legislation group (her in the House, myself in the Senate), serving refugees in Greece, traveling throughout the United States, working painful hours on marketing projects. I once gave a speech about Sarah, and in it, I said being in her presence sometimes felt like staring into the sun. I still believe that, because she is one of the best people I have ever met, and every time I talk to her I want to be warmer and kinder and better.

She is kind and generous, willing to call me on my crap (and most people won't), be ceaselessly patient, and somehow always able to see the good in everyone else.

Sarah will probably hate that I wrote this once she finds out, and she'd shy away from all I said and say, "oh stop, that's not true." But, tragically, today is not the day I'll ignore her bashfulness because I believe in giving honor where honor is due. Though her birthday was a week ago, people we care about should be celebrated!

So, if you ever find yourself a friend who will send you flowers when you had a terrible week at work, text you Parks and Rec gifs periodically, nerd out to Harry Potter with you, or listen to your rants about zoning laws... keep them.

If you ever find yourself a friend who is willing to sit you down and say, "I love you so much, but you were such an idiot here," or who will put up with the 58th eye roll in the bread aisle because someone can't decide which bread is healthier: cherish them.

And if you stumble upon a friend who will cry with you, serve in the trenches with you, humor you and quiz you on Farsi, help you move states, and allow you to yell and swear on the phone until your anger and frustration is all yelled out, then pray for you when you feel at a loss for literally everything and unworthy in every sense of the word: honor them.

Because they are valued and amazing and human, yes, but still a slightly better human being than you, and from them you can learn so much. With them you can thrive.

Pictures from our friendship pulled up from the archives below!

Linking arms in the Mediterranean. This is, hands down, one of my favorite memories.

This was taken on a road trip we took through the Midwest our Sophomore year of college. This was right after a Corvette factory tour we geeked out on. We actually drove a few hours for this tour, then went camping, but we left late and had to sprint across this massive parking lot to make our tour time. We were laughing and gasping for breath so hard.

This one loves "Hamilton" and she was geeking out on a tidbit our tour guide in DC told us about the guy. So frickin adorable. It also makes me laugh that she's making the same face in the above photo as well.

Every year our friend group has a pumpkin carving contest and every year Sarah and I shoot for the stars and carve something super elaborate and secretive and amazing, and EVERY DANG YEAR the voting is rigged and we lose.

Sarah - I hope you feel celebrated every day and that we can age as flawlessly for the rest of our lives as we have in these photos! And readers - I hope you get the chance to celebrate the people you love most!


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