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a truly terrible post

These photos are grainy and I do not know why... Promise I'll do better in the future.

One thing I struggle with over this blog (and in life, probably) is the fear I'm not always going to produce "amazing" posts because I can't always think of something to write.

I'm also afraid that my readers (mainly my mom... hi, mom!) may see my posts and fun photos and start to develop an image of me that's not completely accurate. Or, that they will see my posts and start to judge me and make assumptions about me that are false (with the exception of my mom, of course. You see it all, mom!) OR, that as this audience grows there will be more people I don't know (i.e. not my mom) wanting to know about my personal life.

A week ago I wrote about grief because I was really suffering through it that day. Today I am not. Today I'm somewhat tired but also wanting to go for a run and I'm writing this on my bed after a long day still wearing my work shirt and a questionable form of "pants."

Also, since we're on the topic of terrible post ideas (we were not on the topic, I just decided if I'm to write poorly I will embrace every ounce of it), I figure I should let you know the image I'd like you to cultivate of me, regardless of what ends up on this website. You only have zero chances to reinvent yourself online and I'm going to embrace them all.

  1. Sydney is funny. Even when she's not she is. Think of it as a worse version of your parent's version of "because I said so." It makes zero sense but must be adhered to because I said so.

  2. Sydney has passable fashion sense and probably wears too much black and white but we are all okay with that. This is absolutely true, and we might as well address it now before it becomes a big, hulking, black and white elephant standing in our living room.

  3. Sydney's hair looks good all the time. I know it doesn't, and I actually am terrible at doing my hair, but I need your support, ok?

  4. Some of Sydney's photos are weird/terrible but I will support her anyway. Photography is not my strong-suit, though I do want to get better at it. Let's just agree to learn together! Your silent support (or disdain) is appreciated.

I think that's about it. Just remember these things and I think the blog will be just dandy, don't you? Also, before we go, I wanted to ask your thoughts on those necklace scenes in romcoms. You know the ones: the guy buys the girl a beautiful necklace, she gasps, he clasps it on for her, and she touches her throat like she is made of porcelain.

I never understood this scene. Putting on a necklace isn't hard. Why is this a scene?? Have any of you experienced this personally? Please tell me, I must know. It's been bugging me.

Ah yes, thus concludes the terrible post. Glad I got it out of my system.

Wearing \\ Pants - JCrew \\ Shoes - Target \\ Shirt - Brooks Brothers, Thrifted (I kid you not) \\ Necklace - Madewell \\

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just a heads up...

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