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a total eclipse of the sun

For the monumental total eclipse of the sun, my brothers and best friend made the journey to Wyoming with me. We were fortunate enough to have friends who lived in the path of totality who graciously welcomed us into their home. And invited us to a party. And fed us. And gave us sweet treats. And made us coffee. Basically, they were the greatest hosts known to man and I’m considering moving in with them (jk jk, I really hope they’re not reading this because I sound insane.)

Anyway. The eclipse was magnificent. Perfectly nerdy and weird and relaxed. We spent the morning drinking coffee, eating an amazing breakfast and chatting it up, then we lazily wandered to the back yard and into our folding chairs at first contact to watch nature do its thing.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing such an event, I highly encourage it. Seeing the moon gradually creep over the sun was cool and all, but when the sun was fully covered it was like nothing else. The air was instantly cold, and it looked like sunset in every direction. People were whooping and hollering all over town. It was one of those rare moments when you know in your bones that a mass number of people feels the exact same thing at the exact same time and you'll always share that moment with thousands of strangers.

It was spectacular.

My younger brother Zach did some research beforehand (a lot of research, actually. He has been geeking about this thing since January) and educated us about all these phenomena that occur during the eclipse, so we were able to witness those and all enjoy a thoroughly nerdy experience.

This photo shows the phenomena called the "diamond ring" which happens right before totality and right after. There's also something called "Bailey's Beads" that follows this, but we didn't capture it on camera.

It’s been a week now and all the hype around the eclipse has blown over. People are done posting moon-shaped shadows and goofy pictures in glasses. Most Denverites are done complaining about the traffic (which I can confirm, went on for what felt like forever). It makes me sad, in a way, because I want to remember everything about that weekend. The people, the awe, the excitement. I want to keep that moment alive, potentially forever (or until the next eclipse in Argentina which we are totally going to).

It has always frustrated me how media outlets and social media (rightfully so) flood our pages and emails with events and pound them until they’re dead on the ground, then vanish in an instant. With the eclipse, this makes sense because it only takes two minutes, but there are other things that are continually happening we forget about. Refugees in Greece, war in the Middle East, orphans in India. Heck, your office mate just had a baby. Have we asked about that recently?

Sappy as it is (maybe I'm just a super sentimental gal), I want to find as many was as possible to remember the monumental events and the average ones as well. Go see an eclipse next time it cruises through town. I promise you won't soon forget it.

More photos from our trip below!

This was our amazing hostess. I, obviously, was staring at the sun without my glasses right before this photo was taken...

I love all the photos of everyone looking up at the sky. It's so cute.

I had to include this picture because they boys were dying to climb some hay bales, but all of them were on private land, and I felt so bad about trespassing. But as we were driving down a dirt road we spotted these ones just begging to be climbed and I said, "screw it, let's do this!" Of course, as soon as we got to the top the owner saw us and hurried over to tell us to leave.



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