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a trip to Chicago!

December was a very special month for me for so many reasons, but one of my all-time favorite December 2018 memories will be my trip with my roommate to Chicago, Illinois.

I’d never been to Chicago before, and after snagging some disgustingly cheap tickets, Eugenia and I hopped on a plane with our personal items and crashed in one of the USA’s biggest cities for a long weekend. You know how Frank Sinatra has that song “Chicago” where he just belts Chiiiicaaaago, Chiiicaaaago!?

I felt like screaming that on the street corners, in the CTA, in the middle of the countless insanely delicious restaurants we went to.

Ah. What a city.

Chicago reminded me a lot of Europe, which was good because I have been having withdrawals following my trip to Paris. I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with quality public transit now and my hometown leaves a bit to be desired in that area. I also loved being in a city where so many eateries, cafes, and stores were all right within reach. I am also a huge sucker for architecture and the windy city does not disappoint!

While we were not able to see the play Chicago in Chicago (still a goal), we saw Book of Mormon and Hamilton (from behind a pole for part, but still!), so I’m not complaining!

Anyway, here are some photos of my trip. I am so looking forward to when I get to go back – hopefully in the summertime! (ha). It’s very difficult for me to travel in the summer because I work in hospitality and everyone else travels in the summer, BUT! One day!

My dear friend Kristen lives in Chicago now and was an excellent tour guide. She and I were in the same senior project and capstone course in college, and man, it was so good spending time with her again and seeing her thrive.

Traveling internationally is so hyped up, but there are so many Americans who have yet to take advantage of the fact that there are some remarkable destinations in their own home country. No passports or visas required, and it’s often a fraction of the cost!

Where would you like to travel in the USA?



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