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You know how there are some women out there who have lovely skin and we all love and hate them at the same time?

Er, rather, there is Photoshop that makes larger-than-life billboards with flawless skin? Maybe you're the girl or guy who has never struggled with acne or big pores, or red spots, and good for you! Be grateful!

I've struggled with acne since 6th grade. It has never been quite as bad as it was in Middle School (if you put my 6th Grade picture next to any other school photo you'd think I hired a gremlin to wear pigtails and pose as Sydney).

The months of October and November were particularly hard on my skin this year. I can't give you a reason. Blame it on hormones, blame it on stress, blame it on diet, I don't really care. My skin revolts sometimes. That's just how it is. I don't think there is a rhyme or reason. Most days, I don't even think about my skin. I'm pretty content with it. UNTIL. Until the red, painful spots appear and my 6th grade gremlin self rears her little head.

That being said, if I ever have any insecurity about my body, my skin is it. Especially when it is really, really bad. I'm an adult. I eat well. I wash my face. I use delicate products. I drink buckets of water daily. Acne should be a thing of the past.

Even with makeup and great foundation to make it look like my skin is A+ oh-so-sexy - I know.

I know it's still flawed. It's like when guests come over and you hurriedly throw things in the closet. They don't know the junk is there, BUT IT IS, mocking you the whole time everyone is eating your spaghetti and commenting on how nice your houseplants look.

So this post isn't really here for any reason except to share the madness with you and encourage you to leave the junk on the floor. Screw the closet. I have bad skin sometimes and I am still HOT, gosh dangit. So are you.



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