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I'm not going to pretend I'm an art snob, or that knowledgeable about fine art in general. I'm not. I'm a poser when it comes to understanding art, but I definitely enjoy it, which I think is half the battle when you're stuck between a large painting of a hay bale and someone commenting on the artist's intent. However, I do love a good art museum if it's within reach, and I will peruse and furrow my brow and genuinely try to let the pieces speak to me if they can.

What I enjoy most about art museums in particular is that they bring so many diverse groups together to scratch their heads and say "huh." I like that art usually tells a story, and if you dig, or get an audio guide, or stare at a painting long enough, those stories come alive.

I have a friend who works in research who always says "everything is data;" which, to be honest, can get kind of annoying on repeat, but it's so true and so important to remember in every area of life. Everything is data. A painting is not just a painting (unless it's a painting of a cube. WHAT IS THAT. C'mon contemporary artists). The setting plays a part. The colors. The time period. It's all important. It's all data.

And while not everything is important (aherm, high school English teachers), everything is something. Even if that something is the artist's obsession.

Anyway, enough on my ramblings of art. They're not that good, I'll be honest. I just like pretending I know stuff. Pictures below.

Photos taken at the Art Institute of Chicago. What a remarkable museum that I was disappointed to not spend more time in. I didn't even have a time to enjoy the Georgia O'Keefe pieces that live there! Shame shame. This is a no-brainer if you're in Chicago.



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welcome photo by the magical Rachel Grammes