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on doing the dang thing

For the month of August I set out to write for at least 30-minutes every day. This was sparked by my finishing of Stephen King's book "On Writing" (which is very, very good, by the way. Part essay, part memoir, all-around excellent).

Anyway, the conclusion of the entire book, after many chapters of excellent insight (I dog-eared more pages than I want to admit), he pretty much summed it up with a chapter that said: if you want to write, do it.

Want to be good at something? Successful? Moderately interesting? Then do it.

Do the dang thing.

Which, I guess, is easier said than done. Because I didn't complete my goal. I only succeeded half of the time.

But, if you and I want to succeed at anything, we have to go for it. Not to exhaust Nike's tagline too much, but just doing it will, indeed, make you successful. It might not paint the exact picture you had in your head, but it will get you a whole lot closer than you were before and probably, I'm 99% sure, take you in the direction you need to go, even if it wasn't the one you were intending. And sometimes, that means doing the dang thing partway until you can do it at the level you desire. (i.e. me only completing half my goal this month, but there's always next month!)

I was told by a financial advisor that if you stick with anything long enough, you will almost always see a return on your investment; the challenge is sticking with it. On thing she pointed out during our conversation was that there were a small handful of people in the late 70's and early 80's who invested in tech when, at the time, no one saw it going anywhere, and it (mostly) lost them money for a period. But, they stuck with it. And now...

Can you imagine a world without technology as we know it? CAN YOU IMAGINE.

I don't see anyone scoffing at those people today. In fact, most of those people are very wealthy and comfortable, all because they stuck through it. Through the ebbs and flows. They picked something and said, "this is the one. We're doing this." And their conviction, their gumption, their stamina, brought them to where they are today.

When I look back on my life in 30 years or more, I wonder what fruit I will see falling from the trees that were just saplings in my younger years. I wonder what tiny investments, words, thoughts, ideas, sleepless nights, headache-wracked work days, what frustration and pain will look like in 5 years, 10 years, the next century. What will happen that I will never see based on lil 'ol me and an attitude that just won't quit?

What will happen if we just do the dang thing?



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