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off the beaten path | paris pt. 3

As I wrap up these posts, I'm kind of sad. The trip has a bit of a finality to it, and I feel like I'm letting the whole internet read my diary

Besides taking the metro, I walked everywhere during my trip. On one day I got lost whilst exploring and ended up walking 15 miles that day (lol @ my feet) and stumbled upon the Bois de Bologne (Paris' West Park).

I liked it so much and I told a local friend I enjoyed it and they suggested visiting Buttes Chaumont (Paris' East Park) which was built on an old stone quarry. Both parks were stunning in their own regard and so different than any American city park I've been to. It was easy to get lost and feel like a true Parisian. I got to see kids out for P.E. Class, parents rollerskating with their kiddos, old ladies walking dogs. It was so special and I appreciated the time I got to think and reflect on my trip both times.

Not to get sappy, but Paris was my dream. It's been my dream for so long my emotions were so high when I went very little could have disappointed me. Even so, I feel confident recommending you go if you've always wanted to.

I don't want this to be one of those moments where I say something cheesy like, "your dreams are possible, go get 'em!" though I believe that. I'd rather have you know that if you do have a dream, just make it happen. GO GET THAT DREAM. I booked my ticket after a long day at work when I found a $400 ticket. Anything, anything is possible if you just keep grabbing at it.

My 6th grade self learned French because she wanted to. My body made it to the country a few years later. Want something? Go get it.

À tout à l'heure.



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