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we create.

Sometimes I can’t sleep.

Usually it’s because my mind is alive with ideas, crowing and running through my brain begging to go somewhere.

Tonight is one of those nights. I’m dreaming and thinking of all the things I can do, all the things I could create, only stifled by the question “how?” and the steps between the dreaming and doing. I fight to think of ways to combat this stifling stillness marred by movement.

So that’s what we do – we create. We try to escape our minds by pouring it out on paper or into an instrument, into a spreadsheet, or onto a canvas. It looks like nonsense. No one understands. They criticize. But we push on.

The nonsense in our heads wants out; but it’s not nonsense, is it?

It’s everything that’s in us: the talent and beauty and ability we were born with and picked up along the way.

And it should be shared. And people shouldn’t laugh. They should look, admire, make a 360, think of how they can help take this creation and make it more. Who do they know that could help? What skills can they add to this thing, this beautiful, wild, scary thing that exists inside your head?

I am scared of the ideas in my head. There are so many. They scramble over one another, begging for attention. I wonder if I have enough time.

And yet.

There they are. I might as well put them somewhere, discover that extra 24-hours in a week, burn both sides of the candle, share and explore and see where these dang things go. They have to go somewhere.

Keep creating.

Keep doing.

You’re not the only one.



just a heads up...

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